Something borrowed…

I just wanted to highlight a couple of blogposts about writing that I’ve read recently and that made me want to stand up and yell HELL YEAH!

The first is from Rory Gleeson, a thoroughly nice chap and person-who-writes I met on the Oxford course. Basically, in this piece he smashes the usual preconceptions/misconceptions about being a ‘writer’, and he makes me laugh doing it:


I will henceforth call myself a ‘person-who-writes’ and try to keep my mythologising to a minimum. Feel free to pick me up on this.

The second, by Marian Palaia, is also about perspective, and generally screwing your head on right. :


It’s incredibly easy to get stuck in your bubble and not understand why nobody understands what you understand to be true.

As I’ve discovered since the election.

*deep, rageful breaths*

Let’s not talk about that.