FAB Book Awards

I had a lovely time yesterday at the FAB Book Awards! My friend and author of Paper Butterflies was there, and I got to meet Crongton Knights author Alex Wheatle and River of Ink: Genesis author Helen Dennis for the first time.

Alex Wheatle and me

We listened to presentations from all the schools championing each of the shortlisted books. St Cecilia’s made a beautiful case for The Girl of Ink & Stars, ably abetted by a cardboard cut out of Yote! Then each of us authors gave presentations on our books, before the countdown. The Girl of Ink & Stars came 3rd, after Nicola Yoon’s Everything Everything and worthy winner Lisa Heathfield!

l-r: me, Lisa, and Helen

British Book Awards

Something startlingly amazing happened a week ago! I discovered that The Girl of Ink & Stars has been shortlisted for Children’s Book of the Year at the British Book Awards, alongside a frankly stellar line up.

My excitement was only topped when I had a (brief but blissful) Twitter exchange with none other than Tom Fletcher, author of the lovely The Christmasaurus, and member of McFly. I claimed on Facebook that my 13-year-old self would’ve been overjoyed – my 26-year-old self wasn’t too cool about it either.

Full lists here.